This p年龄 contains important information about Chatham's 不歧视政策. 


Equal opportunity and affirmative action are integral to employment and education at Chatham University because we recognize that the University’s present and future strength is based primarily on people and their skills, 经验, 以及发展的潜力, 不管他们是什么种族, color, 宗教, 性别, 性取向, 性别认同或表达, 国家的起源, 年龄, 残疾, 资深地位, 婚姻状况, 或任何其他受法律保护的身份. 大学不会容忍基于这些理由的任何形式的歧视.e., 比赛, 国家的起源, 残疾),包括不同的待遇, and prohibits retaliation against those who file complaints about discrimination or who participate in the investigation of such complaints.

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Equal opportunity and affirmative action are integral to employment and education at Chatham University because we recognize that the University’s present and future strength is based primarily on people and their skills, 经验, 以及发展的潜力. 大学有平等就业机会的政策, 受教育机会, 招生, and affirmative action that is broad in scope and supported at all levels of the University. 

根据1972年教育修正案第九条的规定, 查塔姆没有性别歧视, 性取向, 性别认同或表达 in its employment practices or its educational programs or activities. 大学也禁止性别歧视, 包括性骚扰, 作为其教育计划或活动的一部分. 不当行为报告, 关于第九条的问题, and concerns about non-compliance should be directed to the 第九条 Coordinator.

总统办公室, 在人力资源办公室的协助下, will monitor to ensure compliance with the affirmative action policies of the University.

网上赌博平台在严格自愿的基础上采取了这一政策. The existence of this 政策 should not be construed as an admission by the University in whole or in part, that in fact members of protected groups have been or are presently being underutilized, 集中, or discriminated against in any way by the University in violation of federal, 州或地方公平就业实践法. 


  1. The grievant must complete a confidential incident reporting form to inform the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for faculty and staff, 或学生事务副主席对学生提出任何指控. The information on the form is helpful for these administrators to provide guidance on the process. 如果指控不符合歧视的定义, it could then be referred to a joint conference for all parties for educational/restorative purposes.     
  1. The grievant should first discuss the grievance informally with his/her/their instructor, 系主任, immediate 主管 or the office or group that made the decision in dispute. The two parties will discuss the grievance and attempt to reach a resolution on an informal basis. This informal procedure should take place no more than three weeks after the occurrence of the alleged grievance. 如果不适应此步骤,请转步骤3. Ideally, three weeks is a goal to report after an incident to start an investigation. We understand that the employee or 学生 may need additional time to report due to the nature of the incident and we will review these incidents on a case-by case basis.    
  1. If the grievant is not satisfied with the outcome of the informal grievance procedure or prefers to skip the second step, 他/她/他们可以上诉 to the Vice President for Student Affairs for grievances filed by 学生s or the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for grievances filed by faculty and staff. 对于这一上诉,申诉将被写下来. The respondent will also submit a written statement detailing the events of the informal procedure and their response to the grievance. These materials should be submitted within two weeks following the informal procedure. After reviewing the written materials and conferences separately with each of the involved parties, appropriate administrator will render a decision in writing to all parties on the matter 一周内 of the conclusion of the conferences. 
  1. If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision of the appropriate administrator, 他/她/他们可以上诉, 一周内, 临时总行动干事的工作人员, 或者是教师和学生的临时首席学术官, who will review the entire record of the grievance and render a final determination in writing to all parties 一周内 after of the conclusions of the conferences.    

The University will neither eng年龄 in nor tolerate unlawful retaliation of any kind against any person who makes a complaint of unlawful discrimination, 骚扰或报复, 作为证人或以其他方式参与调查过程.  和本政策的其他条款一样, all employees are protected by this provision as well as restricted in terms of what they do. Prohibited retaliation will be handled under this 政策 in the same manner and subject to disciplinary/corrective action to the same degree as any other violation of this 政策.  

如果查塔姆确定发生了非法歧视或骚扰, immediate and adequate corrective action will be taken in accordance and commensurate with the circumstances involved, 以解决申诉者和其他人的歧视行为, 如果需要.  Chatham will also take steps and implement corrective action policies to prevent the recurrence of any discrimination. 任何官, 经理, 主管, 教职员工, 代理, 学生, 或者其他非雇员, 经过适当的调查, 是否被发现从事非法歧视, 骚扰或报复 and/or inappropriate behavior inconsistent with this Policy (even if not unlawful) will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or corrective action including, 但不限于, 降级, 放弃领导角色,如委员会主席, 无薪停职, and/or termination of his/ her/ they employment or other relationship with the University.  

任何申诉者也有权向法院提出申诉 美国民权办公室.S. 教育部,在华盛顿特区.C., 宾夕法尼亚州人际关系委员会,或 平等就业机会委员会.  

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第九条 of the Higher Education Act of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. 按此查阅资料 查塔姆的第九条政策、资源和报告程序.  

The Honor Code of Chatham University ("Chatham" or "the University") sets forth a set of standards of 学生 behavior and conduct that are grounded in the values embodied in Chatham's 任务 and 值 Statements as well as other Chatham policies and rules. 按此查阅资料 并报告可能违反学生荣誉守则的行为.


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